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  • “Gosh where to start! "I don't know how he does it but Dave has the patience of a saint. He is so encouraging and seems to have an uncanny ability to know just how you are feeling about things and works with that to make you feel calm and confident (by the way, he also has eyes in the back of his head)" lol "Even though I have my licence now, I will continue to learn things with Dave by attending Advanced Roadcraft Courses, etc." "If theres someone I trust to make me feel more and more confident on a motorbike it would be Dave."

  • “I decided to get my motorcycle license late last year and got in touch with Dave, I was very nervous about getting on two wheels for the first time but knew that it was something I needed to do. First lesson came along and I was freaking out inside, 5 minutes into the lesson Dave had me relaxed to a point where I forgot about the nerves and this continued all the way through to my PDA which I was able to pass very well first time round all thanks to him, all I did was listen. He made the whole experience fun and enjoyable while drilling in some of the best habits I could have formed. “I still hear Dave’s MILO method repeating in my head when I change course all the time ‘Mirror, Indicate, Look Over’ so just be sure you can deal with hearing Dave’s voice in your mind constantly going forward hahaha. I have also managed to escape some very hairy situations where other drivers have not seen me or cut me off because of the defensive riding techniques Dave drilled in. He will teach you how to ride to live not just pass your PDA. “Recently I participated in Dave’s Advanced Roadcraft Course which saw us head out Toodyay way for some more advanced lessons in cornering and emergency braking situations. I came away with some invaluable knowledge and new skills. “If you are considering sitting for your motorcycle license, I could not recommend Dave at Enjoy Your Ride enough. Get in touch, you won’t look back!”

  • “Dave shared his passion for enjoying the ride with me, by taking me for my first experience on a motorcycle. On the back as a pillion of course, but proving the theory it’s never to late. What an amazing experience! He impressed with his riding skills and I felt totally confident and pumped to now learn to ride! I think I held on too tight though :-) Thanks again and all the best to you as you share with others the love of enjoying your ride.”

  • “After more than 30 years of riding road bikes, I decided to learn to become a Motorcycle Riding Instructor. I am 50 years old and they say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks “. Not this time! Thanks to Dave through MIRO Training Centre my street riding skills improved more than I thought was possible. Through his patience, wealth of knowledge and understanding I found it easy to learn so many new skills without feeling pressured at any time. After completing my training with Dave, I was successful in gaining my Instructor’s Licence. I had a lot of fun along the way and can now start my new career in life. Thanks mate and I wish you all the best,”

  • “Dear Dave – thanks for your patience, as you know I’d left my training rather late in life! So for you to help me through to my open class rating just before I turned 70 was an amazing achievement on probably both our parts! I learnt so much about road craft, it has made me a much more competent rider and driver.”

  • "Dave is the man! Patient and thorough, goes at the individuals pace making sure everything is accounted for leading up to the test. Makes you feel like your just riding with a old friend! Would recommend to anyone!”

  • "Taught me how to do the O-turns which I had previously struggled with! Got my R-class which is what I wanted.”

  • "I wouldn't have breezed through my test without your guidance. Thanks mate! Love your work ethics.”

  • "Dave's patience and skill is off the chart awesome! I passed my RE-A today on the first go. A few months ago I thought I had no hope but Dave gave me the confidence to keep going and achieve this goal. Thanks Dave! Can’t wait to get out on the road safely.”

  • "I'm the happiest woman in Canning Vale this afternoon! I got my RE license this morning. Thanks to the patience, guidance, understanding and encouragement of Dave Wray. After hours of hard work, tears, laughs and damn figure O's..we made it. Can't thank you enough. I know there’s a long road of learning and fun ahead..can’t wait to get started."

  • “Thanks Dave! Finaly I got the RE License and it was important that I learned to ride a motorcycle safety from you and that I lost a lot bad of habits. It was also a happy time. Thanks! You are the best!”

  • "Dave made the whole experience of getting my license so enjoyable and always came away smiling and very happy about how quickly I was learning to be a Pro Active rider and driver. Couldn't have been more pleased with the results after just a week. If you want one of the best instructors in Perth who will go beyond your expectations give Dave a bell. You won’t regret it and if you are like me you will wish you had called years ago. Thanks heaps again Dave your help and advice will never be forgotten. Cheers!

  • “Dave was great I explained to him I had ridden a bike since an early age but had not ridden on the road for quite a few years. He corrected some old bad habits and taught me some new techniques I can’t recommend him highly enough, a very enjoyable experience thank you.”

  • “Dave, after an association with bikes when I was younger, your training brought me back up to today’s riding standard and skills. More vital than I had realised. Cheers!

  • "I have had trouble learning new things in the past because I really dislike being told what to do or that I need to do something differently. This side of me definitely came out during my lessons with Dave, and to his great credit, he was very patient, considerate and respectful. As a result, I passed my open class in no time at all. Cheers!

  • Now Dave, I show you how we ride in Pakistan! Thanks for taking me through the training process of getting my RE Licence and then a year later R Class Licence. I’m now enjoying my Ducati Panigale, I know you are jealous Dave.”

  • “It takes me a while to learn new things and with your training reinforcing all that I had to do to ride my machine was great and you taught me how stay alive when I ride. Thanks mate!”

  • “Thanks for the lessons, it is just so cool that I can keep me and my Vespa safe wherever we go.”

  • “Good job mate, you showed me what I had to do to get my licence. See you out and about!

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