Want to learn to ride a motorcycle, scooter or moped? Whether you are a beginner or already have experience as a rider, we at Enjoy Your Ride will train you to ride in a proactive way enabling you to control your bike with confidence, pass your PDA (Practical Driving Assessment) and receive your licence. Your training will be done at a pace that suits you and is structured around your needs.




We offer half day courses for riders who already have their licence, but want to increase their knowledge and skill set. These include: getting to know more about your motorbike and doing simple maintenance on it; taking your riding skills to a new level with advanced riding techniques; returning as a rider who hasn’t ridden in years and wants to refresh your riding technique; and learning to ride a moped on your car licence. Maybe you want the LOT! Then learn to be an instructor and pass on your knowledge on to others and earn a living riding bikes.




Don't worry if you don't yet have the bike of your dreams, as we have just the perfect bike for you to learn on. We have eight different bikes, which can be raised or lowered to suit you height. With this range of bikes you will find one that suits you for pre licence training and we also offer some of them on our post licence courses. We will bring the bike to you for training, with our mobile service.


Dave Wary has been riding since 1974 and
Training since 2004, so you know will
Benefit from his wealth of experience.

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Lessons are in these places and surrounding areas

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